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Thomas was born in Charleroi, Belgium and got his master in Geography at the Free University of Brussels. In 2010, he joined the glaciology laboratory as a research assistant. He focus on monitoring variations in glacial and periglacial environments, in the Andes and in Patagonia. Part of his reserach focus on glacier mass balance and glacier hydrology. In 2019, Thomas got his PhD from the University of Bristol, England. His thesis focus on the use of seismc methods to characterise fractures in the shallow crust.

In May of the same year, he joined CECs again, where he aims to study the hydrological contribution from the different types of glacial forms in the Andes.

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Casassa G., Rodríguez J.L., Loriaux T. (2014). A new glacier inventory for the Southern Patagonia Icefield and areal changes 1986-2000. Kargel, J.S., G.J. Leonard, M.P. Bishop, A. Kaab, and B.H. Raup (Eds.), Global Land Ice Measurements from Space: Satellite Multispectral Imaging of Glaciers, Praxis-Springer.

Loriaux T., Casassa G. (2013). Evolution of glacial lakes from the Northern Patagonia Icefield and terrestrial water storage in a sea-level rise context, Global Planet. Change, 102, 33–40.
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