Diego Hidalgo
Diego was born in Quellón in the Isla de Chiloé in 1993. He started his studies at Universidad de Concepción in 2011, where he obtained his B.Sc. degree in Physics during 2014. In the middle of 2016, he obtained his M. Sc. degree in Physics under the supervision of Fabrizio Canfora, where they studied the Gribov-Zwanziger model in the presence of chemical potential and temperature. In August 2016, he started his Ph.D. program in Physics in the same institution under the supervision of Fabrizio Canfora. He is interested in the understanding of the Gribov ambiguity, conserved currents using symplectic methods and the Skyrme model.

List of publications
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E-mail : lc.scec@ogladihd