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Nicolás was born in Molina, Chile. In 2016, he graduated from Geophysics at University of Concepción. His profesional practice was in the Center for Climate Science and Resiliency (CR)2, made an analisys in the isotherm 0°C in central Chile. Also, he participated in the third and fourth versión of the Congress of Physic Oceanography, Meteorology and Climatology, made it in Chile. In his field work, he has helped in different kind of FONDECYT proyects, collaborating with the measurements and capting data for investigations in Chile. Nicolás joined CECs in December of 2017 to the Glaciology área, for working in the hydrographic analysis with measurements, monitoring and analysis of river flow data.

Phone : +56-63-2234535
E-mail : lc.scec@aicragn