Aldo Vera
iconosinfotocecsAldo was born in Ancud, Chiloé. He studied Physics at the University of Concepción. His Master's thesis, supervised by Julio Oliva, was devoted to the stability analysis of extended objects in Lovelock Theory. Later, guided by Fabrizio Canfora, he obtained his Ph.D. in 2018. His thesis focused on the construction of analytical solutions in the Skyrme model coupled to General Relativity and Maxwell theory, clarifying some aspects of the behavior of skyrmions and dibaryons confined at finite volume and the dynamics of the generated electromagnetic field and their self-gravitating action. In 2019 he joined to the Theoretical Physics Laboratory at CECs as a postdoctoral researcher.

He is currently interested in non-perturbative methods in field theory and different aspects of topological solitons, particularly in the description of crystalline structures in the Skyrme theory and its modified models. He also works on the construction of solutions in higher dimensional gravity theories and the study of its thermodynamics and stability.

Phone : +56-63-2234537
E-mail : lc.scec@areva