Mauricio Valenzuela
iconosinfotocecs Mauricio Valenzuela was born in Copiapó, Chile, and studied physics at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, where he received his Ph.D in 2008. His dissertation, supervised by Prof. Mikhail Plyushchay, was devoted to the realization of supersymmetry in exotic contexts such as, non-relativistic particles in the (non-)commutative plane, anyons, and infinite dimensional representations of supersymmetry. As a Postdoctoral researcher in, France, Belgium and Chile, he extended his research topics to Higher Spin Gravity and Supergravity. In 2016 he returned to a professor position at Universidad San Sebastián and in 2019 he moved to the Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECs) as a Research Assistant. His current interests include gravitating anyons and particle models from supergravity.

Phone : +56-63-2234521
E-mail : lc.scec@aleuznelavm