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After his training as a Biologist at Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Francisco V. Sepúlveda studied for his PhD degree at Lausanne University in Switzerland (1974-1978) with a Zyma-Nyon scholarship. He did his postdoctoral studies at AFRC Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics Research, Babraham, Cambridge, UK, between 1978 and 1980. After a stay at the University of Nice, France, as a Maître de Confèrences Associé at the Faculty of Sciences, he returned to Babraham, Cambridge as a Senior Scientific Officer in 1979. While he was there, he was promoted to Principal Scientific Officer and, within the Individual Merit Award national scheme he was promoted to Senior Principal Scientific Officer in 1990. In 1994, he returned to Chile as Professor at the Facultad de Medicina from Universidad de Chile and the Centro de Estudios Cientificos de Santiago. He has been awarded the Presidential Chair in Science (Chile) 1996-1998; the Rectoral Medal from Universidad de Chile and an International Fellowship of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (1997-2001). In March, 200, he moved to Valdivia, Chile, along with the new Centro de Estudios Cientificos. His current work focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of water and electrolyte transport and the regulation of cellular volume. He has over 100 published articles in international scientific magazines.
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