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José Andrés Uribe was born in Puerto Montt. He is an Electronic Engineering at Universidad Austral de Chile. His thesis consisted of  the development and implementation of a COFDM experimental system to be used by used by teachers.  In 2005 he worked in the development of a of data communication system and follow-up of fleets using traditional communication systems. In the year 2006 he joined CECs and participated in the development of a software user interface for a laser altimeter. His main interests are related to the development of hardware, embedded systems and digital signal processing. In 2007, he took part in the building of terrestrial pulse compression VHF radar, to measure the thickness of cold ice. He travelled in November 2007 to Antarctica to test and successfully install this radar.  He also participated in the voyage to the South Pole of Inaccessibility a in January 2008 and in December of the same year to the glacier Union, Antarctica Mission. Currently, he  works in the development of a new  compression radar of airborne pulse, for measuring the thickness of cold ice.

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