Sebastián Cisternas

scisternaSebastian is a computer engineer; his undergraduate research was based in the design and development of a real time computer vision system for classification and analysis of archaeological pieces, mainly lithics. In the past he participated on ecosystem simulations with bases on automata and 3D theory, environmental data acquisition, and information access projects for handicapped people.


Currently he is a MSc candidate on geomatics, starting his postgraduate thesis on photogrammetry and ice speed determination topics. His main interests are remote sensing, data analysis, feature tracking, and spatial process automatization. He joined Centro de Estudios Cientificos CECs on 2010, giving support on data analysis, determination of the glacier speed field, field work, algorithm development and others.



Telephone : +56-63-2234535
Fax : +56-63-2234517
E-Mail : lc.scec@anretsics